B4RN for Duddon, Dunnerdale and Seathwaite

Hyper Fast Broadband

Everybody in the Duddon Valley can have internet connection speeds of 1000Mbps. Guaranteed.

B4RN is coming! Don’t miss out on Gigabit (1000Mbps) broadband for Duddon, Dunnerdale and Seathwaite.

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Super fast broadband for the Duddon Valley

Why B4RN?

Openreach has no plans to upgrade its fibre in the Duddon valley but B4RN’s mission is to deliver hyperfast Broadband to every property in our area.

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How does it work?

Government funding is available for our area and every home or business that signs up to B4RN will raise thousands of pounds for the Duddon project. There is no commitment or obligation at this stage.

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By the Community, for the Community

B4RN is owned by its members, most of whom are customers. Local volunteers play a key part in planning the network, wayleaves, and providing access to land.

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Latest News

B4RN, how we miss you!

We moved here in March this year knowing full well that our internet connectivity was not going to reach the electrifying speeds a gigabet network gives you, day in day out. It isn’t too bad really. We can make video calls and listen to Sonos but watching on demand TV is often not possible. You…

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The impact of B4RN internet service during Covid-19 lockdown

B4RN has been running a survey with its customers asking them how having a reliable, fast broadband connection has helped them over the last 18 months. Here are some great little snippets of how a B4RN connection has positively effected people’s lives.  Lockdown Stories from B4RN customers in Hornby, Sedburgh, Cowgill and elsewhere in our…

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I don’t need hyper fast broadband. Do I?

Hyper fast broadband from B4RN will deliver download speeds of 1Gbps and similar upload speeds. Most of us don’t need these speeds right now but how many of you find your internet is slow at peak times or when the kids are gaming and you want to download a film? How many devices connect to…

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About Us

We are small but determined band of volunteers helping to bring superfast broadband to the Duddon area.

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